Monday, April 29, 2013

Professor of vet varsity presents lead paper on Human-Wildlife conflict at National Symposium

Ludhiana-29-April, 2013

Dr Kirti Dua, Incharge, Centre for Wild life studies of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Ludhiana participated in the National Symposium on the Newer approaches in welfare and health management of captive and free ranging wild animals. Symposium was organized by Centre for wild life health, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bubaneswar. He presented a lead paper on Human –Wild life conflict: causes and their mitigation strategies. Human–wildlife conflict (HWC) refers to the interaction between wild animals and people and the resultant negative impact on people or their resources, or wild animals or their habitat and it occurs when the wild life requirements overlap with those of human populations. HWC has far reaching environmental impacts and is fast becoming a critical threat to the survival of many endangered species. Direct contact with wildlife occurs in both urban and rural areas, but it is generally more common inside and around protected areas, where wildlife population density is higher and animals often stray into adjacent cultivated fields or grazing areas. Human-wildlife conflicts also undermine human welfare, health and safety, and have economic and social costs. Such broad environmental, human health and safety, economic and social impacts suggest that governments, wildlife managers, scientists and local communities need to recognize the problem and adopt measures to resolve it in the interest of human and environmental well being.

In this conference more than 250 delegates; working on the various aspects of wild life participated and shared their experiences. This national symposium provided an excellent platform for participants to learn and interact with the various experts of the wild animals medicine from India and abroad.

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