Friday, April 26, 2013

Vidya was being dressed wrongly until she met me: Sabyasachi

Vidya was being dressed wrongly until she met me,\" says Sabyasachi about why it\'s important to work with his famous client

Sabyasachi, who has been consistently draping our top actresses in his signature sarees, apparently is in two minds--whether to make Vidya Balan wear a saree or an ethnic dress on the red carpet.

But even as he waits for his muse to make up her mind, he is sure of one thing - she will pack different kinds of looks for her stay. \"She will be attending a lot of events and after parties as well, so she needs dresses for that also,\" he says, adding that while he is not designing her jewellery, he is crafting a few clutches.

Even though Vidya has always had an issue with her fluctuating weight, Sabya insists she fits the description of his ideal woman. \"I am a designer and I dress up all kinds of body sizes,\" he says, adding, \"My favourite actress is Judy Dench and she is a curvy woman. I hate to see anorexic women with straight hair aiming to fit into the tradition of how a woman should look. Vidya looks like a quintessential Indian woman and not a model.\"

While it is but natural for Sabya to shower praises on his muse, it is common knowledge that he came into her life at a critical time. Sabya agrees, \"She was being dressed up wrongly. I came in at the right juncture and may be I advised her correctly. But she is always somebody I have loved to dress up.\"

Taking pride in his star client\'s achievements, Sabya says, \"Look at how far we have come together. It\'s so nice to see her climb from strength to strength.\"

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