Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GADVASU going to hold food festival to popularise health foods

Ludhiana, April 30, 2013

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) will organise a 'Food Festival' on 3rd May, 2013 in the campus, with an aim to popularise various value added meat and milk products developed by the university. Giving details about the 'Food Festival' Dr. V.K. Taneja, Vice Chancellor of the university said that animal protein plays an important role in human nutrition and keeping in view its short shelf life in unprocessed form. Further in view of increasing demand for ready to eat and ready to cook value added animal products, there is need to make it available in processed form with an extended shelf life and high nutritive value for additional food security. These products are more health oriented and hence fetch higher market price and additional income. GADVASU has developed number of value added products from milk, fish, chicken, goat meat etc. All the three colleges of the university i.e. College of Veterinary Sciences, College of Dairy Science and technology and College of Fisheries will display different value added products developed from meat, milk and fish, which will also be available for sale and sensory evaluation by visitors belonging to different age groups and professions.

Various value added meat products prepared by College of Veterinary Science will include low-fat/low-calorie meat patties, fibre enriched meat nuggets and sausages, omega-3 enriched meat patties and balls, bio-active compound enriched meat patties, restructured meat loaves, snacks like kurkure, caruncles, noodles, waddi, biscuit prepared from chicken meat, meat samosas, meat loaves, meat koftas, sausages, meat bites, meat pickles etc.,

Among all animal proteins, fish protein is the highly digestible and fish is also a rich source of long chain Omega -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes it the most sought after animal health food, especially among growing children, expecting mothers, elderly people, heart/hypertension patients etc. A variety of value added products like fish balls, fish nuggets, fish fingers, fish cutlet, fish curry, fish steaks, fish fillets, fish biscuits and fish keema from deboned carp fishes, along with fish protein concentrate and crunchy prawns, have been prepared by the College of Fisheries

College of Dairy Science and technology will also present large number of value added milk products like mango, banana & vanilla flavoured ice creams, Carrot flavoured lassi, low fat and low calorie 'Mithat Dahi', Dhoda Burfi, milk cake, Masala Paneer, Mango and jaljeera flavoured whey drinks, butterscotch and strawberry flavoured milk, Probiotic Dahi and Probiotic lassi etc. These products are fortified with ingredients to enhance their nutritive value with special reference to health of the consumer.

Since animal proteins has very high biological value and contain all the essential amino acids as compared to plant protein, It is referred as a 'Complete Health Food' which is required to be preserved through processing and value addition said Dr. Taneja. He further added that to scale up the developed processing technologies to commercial level, entrepreneurs are required to come forward to popularise these products among the masses.

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