Friday, August 24, 2012

Sayali Bhagat and publicist bury the hatchet after false harassment claims

Friday, August 24, 2012 (Mumbai)

The acrimonious dispute between former Miss India Sayali Bhagat and her erstwhile publicist Anant Narayan has been quietly settled after the latter furnished a written apology to the former beauty queen. Recently, the Bombay High Court quashed all criminal cases filed by Miss Bhagat against Narayan.

In November last year, Narayan had sent out press releases to various media outlets, claiming Bhagat was sexually harassed by Shiney Ahuja, Sajid Khan, Arya Babbar and Amitabh Bachchan, a claim that severely damaging Miss Bhagat\\\'s reputation. Narayan was the head of a PR firm called Creame Talent Management Pvt Ltd involved in image management, brand marketing and public relations.

On August 27 last year, Narayan and Bhagat entered into an agreement whereby Narayan would work as her publicist. In November, Narayan sent out the controversial press releases to various media outlets, claiming that various A-list celebrities had sexually harassed his client.

After Miss Bhagat clarified her stand and approached the police, members of its Cyber Cell arrested Narayan from his home in Haryana. In January, Bhagat had approached the High Court, opposing the bail granted to Narayan. She alleged that his bail application was disposed of unusually quickly, despite the grave allegations against him. However, the court found nothing unusual in this and dismissed her application. As per court records, Miss Bhagat has now received a written apology from Narayan.

Justice AM Thipsay of the Bombay High Court in his order on August 7 noted, \\\"In the peculiar facts and circumstances of this case, where the alleged offence can be said to be of a personal nature and where the quashing of the present prosecution is sought only as a part of the general settlement that has been arrived at between [Narayan] and [Bhagat], it would be appropriate to exercise the inherent powers of this Court for quashing the proceedings.\\\"When contacted, Miss Bhagat refused to comment.

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