Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Telangana: CWC meeting to secure nod of ruling alliance today

New Delhi: 30 Jul 2013,

Veering towards conceding the demand for a separate Telangana state, the Congress has convened a meeting of its working committee, the party\'s highest policy making body, on Tuesday after deliberations on the issue in the UPA Coordination Committee.

Highly placed Congress sources said the coordination committee will meet at 4pm followed by the meeting of the CWC at 05:30pm.

The high-level meetings are being called on the eve of the conclusion of the Panchayat polls in Andhra Pradesh. These meetings come a time when the Congress high command is said to be inclined towards bifurcating Andhra Pradesh notwithstanding the opposition from within the party and its state leadership.

While the UPA meeting is an attempt to secure a stamp of approval of the constituents of the ruling alliance, the Congress Working Committee meeting is to take a final call after it gets the sense about the stand of the allies on the issue.

UPA Coordination Committee to meet on 31st July

A meeting of UPA Coordination Committee has been called on July 31 to take a view on the vexed Telangana issue amid indications from the party that creation of a separate state is now a \'fait accompli\' despite the complications attached to it.

Senior party leaders from the state said that creation of a separate state appears to be a fait accompli but the party will address complications attached with it.

With the Congress leadership appearing to have veered towards creation of Telangana, party MPs from rest of Andhra Pradesh have opposed any division of the state while a parliamentarian from Telangana region had said that the government should go ahead with the decision.

The six anti-Telangana MPs, including Union Ministers MM Pallam Raju, KS Rao, Chiranjeevi and D Purandeshwari (all hailing from coastal Andhra) and K Bapiraju and Anantarami Reddy had met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a delegation to push for keeping Andhra Pradesh united.

The MPs told Prime Minister that there would be repercussions not only for the state but also for the entire country if Andhra Pradesh is divided. Rao said after the meeting that any decision to split the state would create problems. It was neither in the interest of the people nor the various regions of Andhra Pradesh, he said.

According to Bapiraju, the delegation told the Prime Minister that formation of Telangana will create problems in many states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh where there are demands for separate statehood.
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