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A five-member delegation from Syngenta visited the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) today and presented a brief summary of the "Rice GroMore Pilot Project- North CU," underway as a part of the memorandum of understanding inked between PAU and Syngenta in 2011. Besides, the delegation's visit aimed at deliberating on the scope of expanding the collaboration in other crops. The visiting members, led by Ms Tina Lawton, Head of Rice, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore, held an interactive meeting with the PAU Vice-Chancellor, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon and senior officials, heads and faculty of various departments of the University. The Syngenta delegation comprised members namely Mr Kuldeep Kaul, Head, South-Asia Rice; Mr Shyam Gera, Head, North CEO; Mr Pawandeep Singh, Crop Marketing Manager, Rice; and Mr M.S. Malhi, Project Manager.

In his remarks, Dr Dhillon expressed happiness over the progress of the on-going project and emphasized on the timely application of agro-chemicals in rice. Besides, he stressed on making the farmers aware about the soil testing recommendations, made by the University. Dr Dhillon suggested that the results of this pilot project, should be published in Progressive Farming (English edition) and Changi Kheti (Punjabi edition), the two monthly farm magazines of thePAU.

Dr S.S. Gosal, Director of Research, PAU, lauded the good work done in various parts of the Punjab state under the project, and said that there has been significant increase in rice yield. Dr Gosal stated, "For motivating farmers to adopt crop diversification, the PAU would like to promote maize, cotton, pulses and other crops in partnership with Syngenta."

Ms Tina Lawton appreciated the last two years' joint journey between Syngenta and PAU, and said that the major objective of their visit to the Punjab, in general, and this University, in particular, is to see what problems are being confronted by the farmers in rice cultivation. The purpose is to make simple and practical recommendations as a solution to the farmers' problems, she remarked, while emphasizing on studying mechanical transplanting of rice in the state.

Mr Pawandeep Singh, presented the glimpses of PAU-Syngenta project activities, and highlighted the feedback of the growers. He said that "GroMore" project is a dream harvest for the farmers.

Mr M.S. Malhi said that the major focus is on timely application and safe use of pesticides. The PAU recommendations for weed management have proved to be very effective, he added.

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