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A week-long athletic meet, organized by the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Employees Union and PAU Fourth Class Workers Union, concluded here today. The senior officials of the PAU unfurled the University flag.

In his inaugural remarks, the Chief Guest, Dr P.K. Khanna, PAU Registrar, said that the spirit of sportsmanship is vital as it teaches self-discipline. He exhorted the non-teaching employees to continue taking part in sports activities as they are essential to develop a constructive attitude towards life.

The Guest of Honour, Mr A.C. Rana, Comptroller, PAU, said that the active participation in sports events helps in enhancing the personality and building-up a healthy life.

Earlier, Sh. Shiv Kumar, President, PAU Fourth Class Workers Union, welcomed the dignitaries, PAU faculty and he non-teaching employees.

S. Paramjit S. Gill, President of PAU Employees Union, proposing the vote of thanks, exhorted the sportspersons to compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship.

The General Secretary of the PAU Employees Union, Dr G.S. Pandher coordinated different events of the sports and highlighted the importance of sports.


Musical Chair: 1) Rajinder Kaur, 2) Arita Arora, 3) Aanchal Singal

Three-legged Race: 1) Jaswinder Kaur and Harbhajan Kaur, 2) Kulwinder Kaur and Manwinder Kaur , 3) Rajinder Kaur and Harpreet Kaur

50 M Race (Women): 1) Manwinder Kaur , 2) Sarabjit Kaur, 3) Harbhajan Kaur

Tug of War (Women): 1) Jaswinder Kaur (Team Captain) 2) Jaswinder Kaur (Runner-up)

Lemon-Spoon Race (Women): 1) Mahinder Kaur, 2) Jaswinder Kaur, 3) Harbhajan Kaur

Long Jump (Women): 1) Rajwinder Kaur , 2) Jaswinder Kaur (COA), 3) Sarabjit Kaur

Shot-put (Women): 1) Rajwinder Kaur , 2) Sarabjit Kaur, 3) Mahinder Kaur

Javelin Throw (Women): 1) Rajwinder Kaur , 2) Daljeet Kaur, 3) Baljeet Kaur

Discuss Throw (Women): 1) Mahinder Kaur, 2) Rajwinder Kaur, 3)Sarabjit Kaur

100 mt race (Men): 1) Kulwinder Singh, 2) Vinod Kumar, 3) Gurmukh Singh

100 mt race (Men above 50 years): 1) Mewa Singh, 2) Rajinder Singh, 3) Amarjit Singh

200 mt race (Men): 1) Kulwinder Singh, 2) Guriqbal Singh, 3) Sushil Kumar

800 mt race (Men): 1) Kulwinder Singh, 2) Guriqbal Singh, 3) Sunil Kumar

Shot-put (Men): 1) Guriqbal Singh, 2) Jaswinder Singh, 3) Surinder Pal

Javelin Throw (Men): 1) Murli Manohar, 2) Gurmukh Singh, 3) Harpreet Singh

Discuss Throw (Men): 1) Guriqbal Singh, 2) Jaswinder Singh, 3) Deepak Bhatia

Long Jump (Men): 1Gurmukh Singh, 2) Guriqbal Singh, 3) Rummy Chand

Tug-of-war (Men): 1) College of Agriculture (Captain Sandeep), 2) Nursery A, (Captain Avtar Gurm)

Kabbadi (Men): 1) Nursery-XI, 2) Parminder-XI
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