Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Samsung dethrones Nokia as the Indian mobile market grows by 14 percent in 2013: Report

Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013(7STARNEWS)After holding the throne for more than a decade, Nokia has had to surrender to Samsung, which posted revenues in the range of Rs 11,328 crore.

This is a 44 percent growth from last year, when it posted revenues in the range of Rs 7,891 crore. With this, Samsung now controls 31.5 percent of the market share in the country as compared to 27.2 percent controlled by Nokia.

Following these two big players are Indian companies Micromax and Karbonn with a market share of 8.7 percent and 6.4 percent respectively.

The survey also observed that Apple had made huge strides in the Indian market and had broken into the top-5 mobile companies in India. The Cupertino-based company grew by more than 417 percent in India, a fact that was acknowledged by Tim Cook, and posted revenues of Rs 1,293 crore. The company now has a market share of 3.6 percent and is growing steadily, which is largely due to the various innovative marketing schemes that Apple introduced in the country.
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