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LUDHIANA: 25.11.2012

Selfless patriots of Indian Freedom struggle have laid glorious traditions enabling us to find right perspective for inclusive and comprehensive growth of our society. This was said by Prof. Jagmohan Singh while delivering a talk at a seminar to pay homage to the revolutionaries of Ghadhar movement on its 100th anniversary. The seminar was organized by the Communist party of India Ludhiana unit at Shaheed karnail Singh Isru Bhawan Ludhiana. The ancient village based economy of our country which was based on collective activity and ownership was broken by the British to facilitate their profit interests he said. These brought lot of miseries and famines like that of Bengal. Relentless struggle and sacrifice by thousands of Indians led the country to freedom. Ghadhar movement is a symbol of these struggles. District Ludhiana has a pride history of having several Ghadris from our district like Baba Gurmukh Singh Lalton, Baba Usmaan, Baba Bhan singh, Baba Dulla Singh and youngest being Kartar singh Sarabha.

Dr Arun Mitra Assistant Secretary CPI District Ludhiana while introducing the subject said that the British came to our country as a trading East India company which slowly spread its tentacles to gain power. It is unfortunate that today false illusion is being created by the ruling classes while showing a similar trend of inviting foreign multinationals. This is leading to widening of gaps in the society. The foreign direct investment is being used in service sectors mainly, instead of productivity which is the key to development.

Com Kartar Singh Bowani Secretary CPI district Ludhiana said that people have to be organized in mass movement against neo liberal policies of the government. For this it is essential that we study the history of our freedom movement.

Com Ramesh Rattan City Secretary CPI Ludhiana and Com D P Maur Asst. Secretary district unit demanded that a memorial be constructed in the city in the memory of Ghadaris of our district.
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