Friday, September 6, 2013

Bangalore serial rapist-killer who escaped jail arrested

After a five-day manhunt, Bangalore city police arrested psychopathic rapist-killer Shankar alias Jaishankar, 36, on Friday noon, who had escaped from the central prison at Parappana Agrahara here on September 1.

The escape of the dreaded criminal had instilled a sense of fear in the minds of general public and the police were equally apprehensive that the convict may resort to his old ways of torturing, raping and killing of lonely women.

Police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar told media persons that Jaishankar was arrested at Koodlu near Parappana Agrahara with help from an associate of Jaishankar who the police managed to trace. "Jaishankar walked into a trap laid by the police. The source set up by us (the police department) managed to get in touch with him. Jaishankar asked the source to reach to him with a vehicle so that he can cross the Karnataka border. Police who were present with the source, tracked and arrested him," he said.

The commissioner refused to disclose any identity of the informant who helped to lead the police to Jaishankar, raising questions about the circumstances in which the escapee was arrested.

Auradkar said police raised a special team comprising police officers who had earlier arrested and interrogated Jaishankar, who was serving a 27-year jail sentence. The team analysed Jaishankar's behavioural patterns and deduced and what he might do after he escaped, which resulted in the arrest. "His crime contacts, psychology were studied and analyzed. We also used modern technology. Provided a mobile phone to our informant. Jaishankar contacted the person turned into a police informant and he was arrested," he explained.

Jaishankar was involved in 24 cases of trespass, rape and murder and other serious crimes in Karnataka. He is also facing trial in several places of Tamil Nadu for similar offences.
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