Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mumbai is world`s second most honest city

London: Mumbai is not just India\'s most \'attractive\' city but also the second most honest in the world.

In an experiment carried out by the \'Readers\' Digest\' magazine, India\'s financial capital ranked second in the world in returning a lost wallet.

The experiment was simple: drop a wallet and see how many are returned to the owner.

And Mumbaikars passed the \'test\' with flying colours, finishing just behind Helsinki.

As per the experiment\'s results, Mumbaikars returned nine out of 12 wallets they found on the road. Each wallet had Rs 3,000 stashed inside.

As part of the experiment, 192 wallets were dropped in 16 cities spread over four continents. The locations - shopping malls, footpaths and parks.

But how did those who found the wallets managed to contact the owner? Apart from the cash, the wallets also contained a cell phone number, business cards and a family photo.

In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, people returned 11 out of the 12 wallets dropped.

Overall, around 47% of the total wallets dropped were returned.

Among the cities which fared badly include Zurich, London, Warsaw and Berlin. In New York, eight of the 12 wallets were returned.

And Lisbon in Portugal was crowned the most dishonest city in the world where only one wallet was returned and that too by tourists from Netherlands.
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