Saturday, November 9, 2013

Youth must work in social sector: Super 30 founder Anand Kumar

PATNA: \'Super 30\' founder and mathematician Anand Kumar on Saturday exhorted the youth, especially young management graduates, to take to the social sector in a big way to make a lasting difference to the lives of millions of people waiting for a new dawn.

He was addressing them at the 11th edition of ISB Leadership Summit ( ILS) at the Hyderabad campus of Indian School of Business (ISB) on the topic \'Breaking the Myth\', with focus on the theme \'Attracting Talent to the Social Sector\'.

\"In a country like India, which has a rich demographic dividend - something no other country can boast of - the youth must come forward to take over the enormous responsibilities and challenges in the social sector. India must not fritter away this opportunity. And India\'s enormous pool of talented management graduates have the recipe to make it possible and bring about a much needed turnaround in the social sector, something they have hitherto done for the multinational and other companies,\" he added.

As Kumar spoke, giving example of his small but highly successful \'Super 30\' initiative, the graduates, teachers and captains of industries present there applauded. Santosh Kumar, an ISB grad, said it was an outstanding speech by Kumar and the students were highly impressed with the way he interacted with them.

\"By 2020, India will become the youngest country, but to make this youthful energy count, the coming generation needs to be properly equipped with knowledge, skill and wherewithal to pull out of poverty and illiteracy. That is what will give India the edge over others. And for this, talented youth will have to chip in,\" he added.

Citing the example of his pioneering Super 30 initiative, which has so far sent 281 students from underprivileged families to India\'s premier IITs in the last 12 years, Kumar said working in the social sector was more satisfying than what fat pay and perks could ensure. \"It gives a sense of accomplishment,\" he added.
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