Friday, November 1, 2013

Traffic lights on the blink leave drivers on edge

LUDHIANA: Non functional traffic lights in the city are worsening the heavy traffic rush on city roads, precipitating jams and frayed tempers. The lights dona\'t work properly at some places while at others, they don\'t work at all. \"I was coming back from West End mall on Ferozepur Road. When I reached near Verka Milk plant, there was much confusion as traffic lights were not working. Traffic police had not been deployed either. This is a highway and there is a lot of fast moving traffic. Driving here in the absence of properly functioning traffic is dangerous, especially in the festival season,\" said Vipin Sharma, a resident of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar.

Conditions are the same on the Ferozepur road crossing that leads to Guru Nanak International School.

\"Every now and then, we see people fighting over minor accidents. Lights do not work properly and there is no traffic police to regulate traffic,\" said Charu Sharma of Sarabha Nagar. Atul Kohli of Gurdev Nagar was petrified one day when drivers on the road from PAU that leads to Malhar road started honking at him furiously when he tried to cross.

\"I was shocked as I thought the traffic light signal made it alright for me to cross. But a man came over and said the signal in front of me is not working properly.\"
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