Saturday, November 9, 2013

Punjab State Rural Games a flop show

Chaos, mismanagement and callous attitude of school authorities was witnessed on the first day of Punjab State Rural Games which began on Saturday at Guru Nanak Stadium.

More than 2,500 students from different districts of Punjab participated in the games. However, a trail of mismanagement was witnessded on Friday itself when the students threw the tables, utensils and entered into a brawl at the food serving area in the stadium.

Talking to Newsline, a student from Faridkot district on condition of anonymity said, \"We were in the canteen and when the food arrived students got so impatient that they started hitting and pushing each other. Seeing the rush of more than 2,000 students, authorities were unable to control the crowd and while some got all the food, others who got nothing went to dhabas and gurudwaras for food.\"

As per norms, players should be given dal, roti and rice with a vegetable for lunch, However, on Saturday, rotis got over way before. \"We got only dal and rice. There were no rotis. In the breakfast too only few students got fruits,\" said a student from Muktsar Sahib to Newsline.

There was also water shortage that compelled students to have water from the pipe irrigating the grass in the stadium. \"Water comes in campers and once its over, we have to drink from pipes in the stadium. There is no other source,\" a student of Ludhiana government school said.

District sports officer, Kartar Singh accepted that there has been mismanagement but students are equally responsible for the indiscipline.

\"On Friday we were expecting students around 4 pm but they came well in advance around 12 noon and thus till time of dinner they were too hungry which led to some brawls. Tea was served to pacify them. We asked them to be patient and sit in a queue but they did not listen and started throwing utensils,\" he said.
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