Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MP\'s wife made me eat like an animal, says domestic help

New Delhi: For the year that she worked at the large bungalow in Delhi allocated to parliamentarian Dhananjay Singh, Meena says she was treated like an animal. She was made to crouch over meals and eat without using her hands.

The MP found her in a badly injured state, and allegedly took her to his relative\'s place to \'hide her\' after the death of another help at their home from merciless beating.

The police found out about her while questioning other staff, and took her to the hospital on Wednesday.

Meena\'s employer, Jagriti Singh, would often spit on her food, then watch as the 37-year-old from Bengal ate it.

Jagriti has been arrested for the murder of another domestic helper whose body was found with burns and injuries on Monday. Rakhi Bhadra, 35, had been tortured with hot rods, an iron, a stick, a metal replica of antlers and also kicked repeatedly over the Diwali weekend.

Meena and other employees are testifying against the 29-year-old dentist who has a three-year-old son and was allegedly estranged from her politician husband.
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