Saturday, November 2, 2013

Krrish 3: Is fusion actually the future of Bollywood?

New Delhi: Let me warn you in the beginning that this article may contain some spoilers about \'Krrish 3\', thus you\'re expected to proceed at your own will. You see, how important are disclaimers? Without them, you don\'t understand what to do with a film, especially if there are chances that you have seen something similar before. One more thing, I want to clarify that I somehow liked \'Krrish 3\' and have refrained myself from seeking opinions from critics and friends. I am sure you know the basic elements and star-cast of \'Krrish 3\' by now. Still, I would like to take the privilege of letting you one more time that the film is an amalgamation of many Hollywood superhero films with proper Indian essence and revolves around the Dark Knight of Mumbai called Krrish. As you know, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra reprised their roles from the previous film in the series. Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut are the latest inclusion in the franchise, which keeps oscillating between traditional Mumbai filmmaking and Hollywood style sleek storytelling. Kaal, who was promoted as the \'baap\' of super-villains, manages to control his mutants but fails to surpass his own creation Kaya. He says at a crucial juncture in the film, \"Fusion is the future\". Can we expect a Southern style heropanthi with full public backing in a New York like city. Now, this made me wonder whether he was talking about the film\'s story or the Hindi film industry. \'Krrish 3\' in itself is about fusion, at every level. From Sanjay Massom\'s dialogues to dancing in the oasis, the film is all about chemistry. The director decided to mix-up the ingredients as per the popular Indian beliefs and it twisted the graph of Hollywood superhero films in such a way that it became a film similar to the graph of a sound wave, full of crests and troughs. However, that didn\'t always have a positive effect, in fact at times it evoked laughs, but then a director needs to take care of the small centres and so called front-benchers as well. Though I don\'t exactly understand these terms because if they exist then why do we see good content based films doing well at tier-2 and tier-3 centres. Icing on the cake is that the director of \'Krrish 3\' is also the producer of the film. In such a situation, the audience is bound to see promotional hoardings. Howsoever intelligently you place them, they will always fetch your attention, this is why they are in the film, right? This would distract the attention for sure but they are needed, so why their frequency can\'t be minimised. Trust me, one distraction kills at least 5 next-in-line shots. Anyway, the point is, make those advertisements a part of the screenplay rather than throwing in the viewer\'s face. Iron Man, Batman, Superman and Spiderman operate with masks on but there is a motive of not giving them a face. If they are happy to celebrate their own pre-planned and predictable victories then it\'s better to remove their masks. Kaal owns a pharmaceutical company as many recent deadly villains who have made money through medicines. But, if he himself is going to destroy all his empire just because of his ill directed anger then don\'t give him so much privileges in the first place, at least they will have an upwardly character graph. Songs are fine, till the time they are playing in the background. I don\'t mind a good looking mutant in glamorous clothes either but it\'s more about curves in the plot than on her body. Kangana Ranaut\'s sensible act saved this part to some extent otherwise it would have been the most weird love story ever seen on Indian celluloid. And, I am not comparing Hollywood films with our flicks because we are nascent and less loaded, but as far as the branding of a superhero is concerned, he or she shouldn\'t be seen as a forced superhero. The physique, the body language, the earnestness in the acting, the understanding of placements of props on the frame, the vulnerability, the emotional quotient, Hrithik does it all right. He controls things from being at the core but howsoever emotional, no superhero will make a mistake of turning his back towards an enemy mutant at any cost. This is the result of fusion. True, fusion is the future, but we can\'t expect a Southern style heropanthi with full public backing in a New York like city. You can argue that the soul should be Indian but then change the premise as well. However, \'Krrish 3\' is a well intentioned story that also has several things to cheer about. Those things are capable enough of keeping you hooked till the semi-climax. Afterwards, the fusion is confusion.

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