Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is BJP PM nominee Narendra Modi the prime target of terror groups?

Is BJP PM nominee Narendra Modi the prime target of terror groups?

New Delhi: The Patna blasts on October 27 took place just before BJP prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was to address a rally in the city. The question is whether Modi is the prime target of terror groups. Eighteen bombs were placed, seven people lost their lives and one was arrested but the Patna bombing cospiracy was much more deep rooted. Alleged confessions of Fakruddin have security agencies in a tizzy as it was meant to attack Modi. ALSO SEE Patna blasts an attempt to liquidate Modi, other leaders: BJP Fakruddin allegedly told Tamil Nadu Police that he wanted to attack Modi on October 18 at his Chennai rally but he was arrested on October 4 from a Chittur house and the conspiracy failed. Sources said Al Umma, the organisation suspected to have carried out bombing outside BJP office in Bangalore instructed Fakruddin\'s Islamic Liberation Force to attack Modi. Sources said Fakruddin was chosen for his past record of targetting BJP leaders. ALSO SEE After Patna blasts, Gujarat Police handling Modi\'s security in Bihar Sources said pipe bombs similar to the ones found in Patna were prepared by Fakruddin and his aides and the operation was code-named Machli or the Fish. Fakruddin is wanted in connection with the 2011 attack on BJP leader LK Advani and he has allegedly confessed that he himslef recceed the chennai stadium were Modi\'s rally was held. ALSO SEE Patna blasts: Modi was also a target, code was \'machli 5\', say sources Uttar Pradesh Police claimed that a similar plot was hatched in Kanpur too when Modi\'s rally was scheduled for October 19. The police said three suspected terrorists reached Kanpur days before the rally but the plan was thwarted. Kanpur SSP Yashasvi Yadav said, \"Kanpur Police received intel input before Modi\'s rally (October 19) that he could be tragetted by rocket launchers and snipers.\" ALSO SEE India throws rings of protection around Modi A week later the Indian Mujahideen allegedly carried out the Patna blasts succesfully. The police is yet to establish a direct link between the failed conspiracies in Chennai and Kanpur and the succesful one in Patna. The Union government and the IB believe ISI in an election year has activated all sleeper cells and organisations on its pay role to strike India. Their motive is to target Modi and aim to create maximum political and communal unrest.

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