Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In Sector 22, the air was most polluted

CHANDIGARH: Respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM), which remains more than permissible limits even during normal days in the city, shot up on Diwali, giving a tough time to those with respiratory problems.

RSPM level graph went up four times more in Sector 22, recorded at 450 microgram per cubic meter against the standard value of 100 microgram per cubic. It was 409 microgram per cubic meter in Sector 29 against the figure of 349 last year.

Ambient air pollution levels too shot up during the festival in comparison to normal days, with RSPM much more than permissible limits and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) too registering an increase, but within limits.

The analysis by Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee shows that RSPM levels were lower in Sector 17 as compared to last year and increased in sectors 22 and 29. Maximum air pollution was found in Sector 22 and minimum in Sector 17.

From 12 in 2006, NOx levels in Sector 17 rose up to 19 in 2010 and then fell by one point to 18 the next year. During this period, widespread anti-cracker campaigns were organized in the city by both the UT administration and NGOs. The pollutants are measured in microgram per cubic meter and the permissible limit for NOx was brought down from 60 to 40 in 2006.

\"As per monitoring data, SO2 and NOx levels in Chandigarh are relatively low. However, respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) levels are matter of concern which always remains on higher side,\" said an official.
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