Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fog dissends month early, blinds Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Residents woke up to a cold Thursday as a thin layer of fog declared the advent of winter. Last year, fog came only by the first week of December but this year, it made an early entrance. Surinderpal, director, meteorological department, Chandigarh, said, \"The fog in the city is because of western disturbance and it will clear up only after 24 to 48 hours. The temperature has also started dipping, indicating that winter is here. This time, fog arrived earlier. But such changes in weather occur in different years and are not permanent\".

The weather observatory in Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) recorded maximum temperature of 22.8 degrees celsius, about four to five degrees below normal, while minimum temperature was measured at 14 degrees celsius, around normal. The city also received 0.8 mm of rain on Wednesday night.

Explaining the phenomenon of fog formation, weather scientist, Kulwinder Kaur Gill, agrometeorologist (who studies impact of weather on crops), said, \"Fog is actually water droplets that have condensed. When air is warm and humid during the day, evaporated water molecules are spread. But then, when temperature drops, cool air causes water molecules to change from vapour (gas) into small liquid droplets which hang in the air. But the small droplets are heavy enough to lie near the ground, resulting in fog\".

Meanwhile, residents were surprised by the sudden arrival of the fine film of fog in November. Gurmeet Singh, a businessman from Model Town Extension, \"Every winter, we see fog hitting the city but this year, it came a bit earlier. The temperature has also dropped since the last about 24 hours, so we are already feeling the winter cold. We have started unpacking warm clothes\".
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