Friday, November 8, 2013

Film Review: Satya 2\'s biggest flaw is pitting one man against an entire army

There are zero similarities between Bhiku Mhatre\'s Satya and the latest release from RGV\'s factory. Besides the reference to the title, the film has no resemblance to its predecessor in ideology or execution. Our protagonist is more about brain than the brawn. Satya (Puneet) believes his thinking and ability to have a vision for the underworld sets him apart from anyone else in the game. A puppeteer he uses pawns from various important social strata - media, politics, the police force to execute his plan. There is the mandatory blood shed, but the emphasis is more on talk than actual action. RGV tries every trick in the trade to make his Satya relevant, unfortunately the effort isn\'t

What\'s hot

The part about Satya setting up his company and revealing his plans is interesting. Portions of his speech where he talks about the power of the common man wanting to change the system might appeal in parts. Technically it has the trademark stamp of RGV\'s camera work, and thank fully this time it is quite toned down!

What\'s not

Satya 2\'s biggest flaw lies in its basic concept of raising a one man army against the powerful pillars of law and order. Even if we look at the film in solitary without making any comparisons to its inspiration, there isn\'t much material to sift through. As Satya, Puneet Singh Ratn seems a miscast. He might look serious, brooding and intense, but that soon becomes a rut and a trap for his character to die a slow painful death. Songs serve as a distraction from the gritty plot, but their editing needed to be sharper. Background score is loud and grating to the point where it drowns out the main action.

What to do

Satya 2 might have an interesting premise, but the execution and poor casting kills any chance of the film coming off as a decent entertainer.
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