Thursday, November 7, 2013

Encroachments galore at Rajguru Nagar, residents a harried lot

Residents of Rajguru Nagar are a harried lot thanks to the apathetic attitude of the authorities, who have failed to check illegal encroachments, repair broken roads and streetlights in the area.

Encroachments are visible, and bumpy roads often make commuting difficult. Overflowing sewerage is another issue which is making survival difficult and to make things worse, dysfunctional streetlights are further adding to public inconvenience.

\"Encroachments by liquor shop owners are a nuisance for area residents. With non-availability of public convenience in the market area, drunkards are often seen urinating in the open embarrassing passersby, especially women residing in the area,\" Harbinder Singh, general secretary, Rajguru Nagar Market Association said.

Kulbeer Singh, another resident of the area said: \"Earlier, the locality was under Ludhiana Improvement Trust, but few months ago it was handed over to the MC and since then the government has stalled the transfer of localities from LIT to the MC, as a result problems in the area have increased manifold.\"

There were some washrooms which were functional, but now even they have been locked, the keys of which are with the improvement trust officials.

\"Heaps of garbage can be seen in the area, which is an eyesore. Authorities seem to be unperturbed as they have done nothing to solve problems of area residents. Growing crime has further added to their woes. Roads are broken and little patchwork conducted some time ago was of little help, as roads have damaged again,\" Pawan Jethi, a shop owner rues.

SC Bansal, a retired employee of Punjab electricity board said:

\"The footpaths are broken and the place is littered all over. The authorities should provide basic facilities to residents and provide proper toilets for public convenience.\"

\"The Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) transferred the authority to the MC, which was later upheld due to reasons unknown. Now, it is still uncertain whether the area in question falls under LIT\'s jurisdiction or that of the MC. The decision in this regard would be taken soon,\" MC Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said.
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