Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bigg Boss 7: Armaan threatens Ajaz, says will bury in 10 secs

Sangram Singh, who was recently embroiled in a word match with Armaan, confides in Tanishaa on how terrible and upset he is feeling due to the fight.

Guilt ridden, he wants to apologise to Armaan and let bygones be bygones. However Armaan is not read to bury the hatchet and continues to think that Sangram is \'double-faced\' and a \'backstabber\'.

Further, Armaan Kohli asks Tanishaa to pass on a clear message to Sangram to watch out, stay clear and not mess up with him.

Meanwhile, the Pink party is playing dirty politics and Andy and Armaan discuss the strategy and manner in which the pink party targeted housemates to switch sides. They warn Sofia and Candy to stay clear from their party.

The kitchen in the house has other troubles to cater to. Gauahar dislikes the fact that everyone likes the omelette prepared by Ellie and passes snide comments in the kitchen.

A dejected Ellie reacts in the garden area on how Gauahar, Kamya, and Pratyusha avoid eating whenever she cooks. Tanishaa calms her by saying they are insecure and envy the fact that people appreciate her culinary skills.

Ajaz Khan is also seen taking out his frustration of Armaan on Sangram, where he mentions that despite having all the luxuries, he is not capable of building his career.

Later, the pink team steals the yellow bands form bathroom area. Everyone notices the bands are stolen and Tanishaa calls them robbers using cheap gimmicks. Sofia\'s presence of mind prevails, where she suggests cutting one band in two halves and distributes it within the team.

Andy sneakily changes the band colour to get to know the real game of the pink team. When all of a sudden Ajaz invites him to the bedroom area to be a part of the party, he refuses to join. Gauahar points out to the yellow team on how they tampered with the votes by cutting one into two. A debate is announced and the party leaders have to deliver a speech to prove that their party is the best. As the speech starts Gauahar mentions how the yellow party has borrowed the name and concept from her. The Party leader of yellow team is disrespected and fired.
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