Friday, November 8, 2013

Bigg Boss 7: Ajaz Khan does a Salman Khan; offends Tanishaa Mukerji, Sofia Hayat as he takes shirt off in bathroom

While a topless Salman makes girls go weak in the knees, Ajaz\'s shirtless act failed to draw a similar reaction from his female housemates.

The Bigg Boss house doesn\'t cease to surprise. After Bigg Boss\' Rajneeti task, the housemates are clearly a divided lot and can\'t wait to take each other down.

While the two groups were busy discussing the opposition\'s strategy, another drama unfolded in the bathroom area of the house when new entrant Ajaz Khan offended Tanishaa Mukerji by taking off his shirt in her presence.

The Mukerji gal loses her cool at Ajaz\'s \'indecent\' act and storms out of the area to complain about Ajaz\'s disrespectful beahviour to captain Elli Avram.

While Elli tries to resolve the conflict with the help of Sangram, Tanishaa\'s good friend on the show, Armaan, overhears the incident and asks Elli to put forth the issue in front of Bigg Boss.

Even as the housemates are busy exchanging opinions on Ajaz\'s behaviour, he repeats his antics in front of Sofia who gives him a piece of her mind and asks him to behave himself in front of girls.

Pratyusha later advises Ajaz not to get instigated by other people and asks him to behave like a gentleman. Ajaz sees reason and apologises to Sofia for his behaviour. However, as it happens in the Bigg Boss house, the apology was also followed by spat between the two where each held on to their ends.

Once the issue dies down, Bigg Boss calls Sangram into the confession room for a lie detector test and secretly tells the housemates to decide whether Sangram is speaking the truth or not.

Bigg Boss throws a volley of questions at an unsuspecting Sangram while the housemates judge his answers as sach or jhooth.

At the end of the Q&A session, Bigg Boss tells Sangram that his answers were being judged by none other than his own housemates. Sangram steps out of the confession room to face an angry Gauahar, who is upset because he did not support her decision to come back on the show.

To make matters worse, Sofia jumps into the conversation and calls Gauahar a liar for saying that evicted contestant Asif Azeem made passes at her.

After a day full of drama and politics in the house, Bigg Boss suprises every body with messages from their family and friends through We Chat. While Andy and Kamya get video messages from their families, Pratyusha gets a voice message from her parents and Sangram couldn\'t stop blushing after a video message from his girfriend and actress Payal Rohatgi. Even the usually aggressive Armaan breaks down on hearing his mother\'s voice.

The day that started with a lot of fireworks ends on a peaceful note. However, it\'s just a matter of time before the Bigg Boss house finds another controversy to thrive on.
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