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‘Krrish 3’ review: Super heroic efforts don\'t save the movie!

Superheroes rise when the world is in dire straits. If you were to study comic book history, you would realise that the birth of the first superheroes came out of world economy sinking in the 1930s and the World War II. They formed a sort of escapist form of entertainment from the depressing times that people were living in. The last decade has seen the same upsurge in superhero movies coming to the fore while the economy is again wavering and the world is in crisis. And this time India is included in the slump.

In Hrithik Roshan India has the perfect superhero. And Rakesh Roshan cashes in on that. Hrithik looks ravishing, and uber cool in a super hero avtaar. He is suave, macho, dripping with strength and charisma and can give Superman, Batman and Ironman of the comic book world a run for their money. Senior Roshan however makes a big mistake with his franchise – he decides to give it archetypal Bollywood sugar coating.

In the third edition of the \'Koi Mil Gaya\' saga, 'Krissh 3' attempts to break the technological barriers that our movie industry has so far faced with large scale action sequences. 'Krrish 3' has all the elements of an entertainer and a lot of potential to have given some serious competition to Hollywood flicks. One can't really complain about a somewhat predictable plot (after all superhero movies are supposed to be about the triumph of good over evil).

However, it is interspersed with some highly filmy and done to death dialogues. "Krrish ek soch hain jise koi kaal nahi maar sakta," says Priyanka Chopra just before the final action sequence. That\'s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more that can make you wince. The script is dotted with loopholes and unfortunately too much product placement doesn\'t help either.

If you learn to ignore them, then you might have a chance to enjoy the movie. Kangana Ranaut as Kaya has a well written character which she plays with ease. 'Kaal' played by Viveik Oberoi could have been more sinister, his superpowers are a weird mix between Professor Charles X Xavier and Magneto from the 'X- Men' series. Many of the other villain sidekicks are also 'X Men' inspired. Viveik does the best he can, but the subtlety and the panache that other super villains exude is not something he can match with badly written dialogues.

It's an out and out Hrithik movie. He looks good in a costume (however cheap the fabric may look). He also makes the action sequences look natural. He may not be the most gifted actor but he pulls off both the father son characters of Rohit and Krishna well. Priyanka Chopra looks pretty as the 'wife' and doesn't have much to do. Ranaut easily overshadows Chopra with a more crucial part to play in the movie.

The background score by Salim and Suleiman is passable and follows the scenes according to the moods well, but the songs by Rajesh Roshan are forgettable.

'Krrish 3' borrows heavily from all the Hollywood superhero flicks ever made. But, what does well for the movie are the CGI effects and the action sequences and a somewhat interesting albeit predictable plot. More importantly Rakesh Roshan encashes on the lack of any serious competition in the super hero genre, and the star power of Hrithik.

What absolutely fails is the badly written dialogues, usage of Bollywood clichés, the obvious adverts, bad musical score and a badly etched out character of Kaal. The movie could have been a formidable watch if at least the last was taken care of.

Want to watch Krrish? Go ahead if you love Bollywood in all its corny finery. If you are a comic book buff and have watched all that Hollywood has had to offer, you may like to steer clear.
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