Tuesday, November 5, 2013

‘Bigg Boss 7’: A dirty showdown between Armaan Kohli, Sangram Singh

A hot-tempered Armaan Kohli, the captain of the house indulged in an awful verbal fight with an otherwise calm and composed Sangram.

The fight triggered off after Sofia Hayat spilled the beans. Apparently, Sangram told Hyatt not to trust Armaan and the lady couldn't control herself from disclosing the same in front of all the inmates. Armaan instantly lost his cool and thus began one of the ugliest spats.

In due course, Armaan and Sangram both accused each other of planning and conspiring against the co-inmates and with such accusations began their verbal diarrhoea that was loaded with cuss words.

Armaan was the one who initiated the use of expletives. Sangram too lost his cool and the two were almost about to indulge in a fist fight.

Both Armaan and Sangram tagged each other as "Ghatiya aadmi". The other inmates of the house were trying to pacify the two infuriated men. Armaan vented his angst on Tanishaa also, who stood by him and denied Armaan's involvement in any conspiracy.

Sangram has apparently turned into a gossip monger ever since Armaan, the captain nominated him to follow the protocol of nominating one of the members of the house.
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