Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unnao Gold: Not just the ASI, but illegal diggers hunt for gold too

Unnao (UP), Oct 22: Since the digging spree at Unnao village has begun, there are news filtering in regarding illegal digging in many parts of the country. No, its not the seer predicting Gold every time, but mere \'intuition\'. Illegal diggers ravage historical sites in the hope of finding Gold. In fact, there are rumours that few of them have been successful. And to add to the Gold frenzy was the seer\'s last claim that approximately 2500 tonnes of Gold are hidden in the banks of Ganga in the Adampur village of Fatehpur. The news spread and the illegal digging began. A ravaged platform of the Shiva temple on the Ganga ghats is a case in point. In fact, it is also rumoured that Mahant Mohandas, living close to the temple was held at gunpoint when the digging took place. Security personnel have cordoned off the area now. Om ji, Shobhan Sarkar\'s disciple had said that the village had no less than 2500 tonnes of Gold hidden in Adampur village and had requested the district administration to start digging there as it was easier to do so. Justifying the reason, the seer said,\"Adampur is located on the Ganga banks and was associated with 1857 revolt like Daundiya Khera.\" Baraich, however, shows the rubbles of an unsuccessful digging mission. The Charda Fort proximity could be seen dug up as illegal diggers left a mound after finding nothing. Although this was not a prediction-related incident, this is proof of the popular belief that any fort would have a hidden treasure. This was further fanned by the fact that a member of the local royal family got hold of the ruins and discovered gold coins and jewellery beside a few other rare items on excavation (with the permission from the authorities). Bahraich DM Kinjal Singh said that security has been deployed in the area to avoid any such occurrances in future. In another instance, an ancient Shiva temple at Piparhari in Banda has been targeted in the quest for gold, report a TOI report. However, residents claim that the place has no links with Sarkar\'s dreams, but was prosperous. One of the residents said, \"the temple is located in Maharajpur Kher near Pailani forest range. It is believed that gold and silver kalash (pots) are buried here.\" Expressing concern over the safety of the historical sites, the ASI has beefed up security at Fatehpur Sikri after rumors that there are treasures buried inside the fort.

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