Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sweat it out and chill out

LUDHIANA: They would meet and greet each other at the club gym everyday, but it took them almost seven months to realize that they shared the same passion. Talking to each other one morning in October, 2009, they shared notes on fitness, squash, badminton, tennis, swimming, weight lifting and gymming. Eventually, they realized they could do a lot together.

This group of nine men do all they can to keep fit. They exercise 29 days a month and have a healthy diet all through the month. The reward is the sole \"cheat day\" on the 30th of every month. They can\'t help smiling at the last cheat day they had, on October 14.

\"We went to a restaurant cum bar on Ferozepur Road and had fun. Some of us drink, some of us love to binge on junk food. We suit ourselves on this day\", said Rohit Dutta, a 43-year-old businessman from Moti Nagar and general secretary of Satluj Club.

However, there are many who feel queasy at the idea of working out for two hours every day and losing it all in one day. Amit Gupta, a 36-year-old resident of College Road said, \"I have been working out for more than a decade now and the gym is my first love. Before every cheat day, I have to convince myself that I have earned it\".

Sugam Verma, a 26-year-old from Model Town is pretty relaxed about the idea of a cheat day. \"After 29 days of strenuous workout, this day of pleasure comes as a reward and I always look forward to it. I can\'t resist chicken tikkas. On cheat days, I do not look at the mirror.\"

The fun of working out and then chilling out is addictive, they said.
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