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Rahul Gandhi recalls 1984 with an eye on 2013-14

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013, | Place: Indore |

Grandson goes down memory lane to time of his Dadi\'s assassination.

In January this year when Rahul Gandhi was anointed the vice-president of AICC, he surprised everyone by laying bare his emotional core and deliberating over his mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi\'s personal remark that \'power is poison and how he has to drink it for greater good\'.

Having tried out politics of aggression and development in his previous rallies in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi decided to work up an emotional pitch again to get his message across the people and take on \'a communal-minded Opposition\' during his addresses at Churu and Alwar where he canvassed for the party.

Gandhi used the Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh as plank to explain how the plight of victims was a mirror to his own story and launch a tirade against \"the communal politics of the BJP\".

He went into a lengthy but dramatic narration of the assassination of his grandmother and Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi, both former prime ministers, ending the story with a prediction: \"I could also be killed one day like my grandmother and father, but I don\'t care\".

From the start, Rahul relived memories of assassination of his grandmother and the emotional turmoil.

Rahul said that he was very angry because of his grandmother\'s murder. \"It takes years to get rid of anger, but it takes one minute to incite it. The incident filled me with a rage. It took me 10-15 years to calm down my anger,\" said Gandhi.

To put across his point he took out an example of a legislator from Punjab who was sitting in his room.

\"The legislator told me that had he met me 20 years ago, he would have murdered me. But now he wanted to hug me. The point I want to drive home is that nobody has in-built anger. Anger is instilled by political parties.

It takes years to calm down the anger, but a minute to ignite it. That is why I am against BJP and its politics.\" \"I have faced this twice, they killed my grandmother and my father and they might kill me too, but I am not afraid,\" Rahul said. He said he wanted India to stay together, stand together.

He was very critical of the political system of the country and said that the political system is being run by 300-500 people. \"This is the biggest deficit facing this country. I want that this political system to be run by lakhs of people,\" Rahul exhorted. The Gandhi scion also emphasised on bringing the rich and the poor together.
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