Sunday, October 27, 2013

Priyanka Chopra\'s third single album set for December release

Saturday, Oct 26, 2013, Place: Mumbai |

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who turned singer a few months back with an international single In my city, revealed that her third single is expected to release in December.

\"We are working on my third single right now and that should come out by December. The vocals are done, we are just doing production. Right now, it\'s just me, it\'s a solo single,\" the 31-year-old said Friday here while celebrating the success of her second track Exotic.

She sang In My City with US singer and worked with US rapper Pitbull for Exotic.

\"Once the song is ready and if we feel it will sound better with someone (we will take on someone else). The song tells you itself, like when we did \'Exotic\' it was just the single itself, but it sounded like it would be better with a rapper on it which is why we spoke to Pitbull,\" said Priyanka.

\"The same thing, if this song sounds like it needs someone else then may be there will be a collaboration, but I can\'t say anything right now,\" she added.

The song was released July 9 and later became number one on the iTunes India charts.
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