Friday, October 25, 2013

Perfect Baddie or Not: Aamir Khan wants to know

Friday, October 25, 2013 -

Playing a negative role for first time in \'Dhoom:3\', Aamir Khan is quite excited to see audience\'s reaction. Since he has never essayed the role of a bad guy he is eager to see what the audiences think of him in such a role.

Besides, audiences have mostly seen Aamir\'s good side - that is he has more often played real life characters or the hero - quite unlike in \'Dhoom:3\' where he will be the villain in the film.

There is a pre-dominant hate feeling which audiences have towards villainous roles and hence it is a tricky role. However our Perfectionist has no qualms of being the villain. He loved the script when he heard the story and was sure he has to be part of the film. But now that the film is finished, Aamir is very keen to know audience reactions.

With the trailer of the film releasing end of this month, audiences will get a sense of his character.

We will all wait and watch...
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