Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My grandmother, father were killed, I may be killed too: Rahul Gandhi

Churu (Rajasthan) In yet another emotional pitch, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi narrated the stories of his childhood, assassinations of his grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi while expressing fears that he too may meet the same fate one day. \"They killed my grandmother, father and will probably kill me too. I understand the pain of losing someone very close,\" Rahul said while addressing an election rally at Churu in Rajsathan on Wednesday. Claiming that he had led a carefree life till the assassination of Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, Rahul said that his life changed dramatically after the tragic incident. He then went on to add that Indira\'s killers had planned to assassinate her on Diwali and even asked him about details like where she used to sleep in a bid to plan their attack. ALSO SEE Sonia was breathless when she reached hospital from Parliament: Rahul Gandhi But he had sensed that the questions were not right, so he had refused to reply. \"The killers had wanted to assassinate her by throwing a grenade during Diwali. They even asked me where she used to sleep and some other details. I used to play as a child with those who went on to kill my grandmother. It took me 15 years to control my anger against them,\" he said. \"When in 1991 my father was killed, I felt the same kind of anger,\" he added while claiming that India would have been a much better place if Indira and Rajiv\'s lifes would not have been cut short. ALSO SEE Rajnath Singh attacks Rahul Gandhi, UPA for marketing poverty In direct attack on Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Rahul said that playing politics over religion has been their hallmark. \"The Bharatiya Janata Party plays with the anger of the people, it tries to vitiate communal harmony. The BJP\'s plan is to spread fire and incite communal riots. Our job is to douse it. They are responsible for what happened in Gujarat and Muzzaffarnagar only for their selfish political interests,\" he added. The emotional pitch came just days after his Shahdol rally in Madhya Pradesh, where Rahul said that Sonia Gandhi was breathless when she was rushed from Parliament to hospital two months ago during the voting on Food Security Bill.

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