Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eco-friendly crackers go bust

LUDHIANA: Despite high pollution levels in the city, there are few takers for smoke free crackers or eco-friendly crackers. Many people do not even know about the availability of the smoke-free crackers. According to wholesalers, demand of smoke-free crackers constitutes merely 2% to 3% of the entire purchase.

The situation is being caused by the high price of smoke free crackers for one and the demand for crackers with elaborate light effects. The eco-friendly crackers are simple, they burst without colorful effects. Pardeep Gupta, a cracker wholesaler at Janakpuri said, \"We do buy smoke-free and eco-friendly crackers but in line with the demand. The demand for smoke-free crackers is just 2% to 3%.\"

Besides, the eco-friendly crackers are also quite expensive. A single shot cracker costs Rs 90 per cracker and a multi shot cracker costs between Rs 600 to Rs 800. It has six shots. TOI talked to some city residents about the issue.

\"We had no idea about the availability of smoke-free crackers. If the government wants people to purchase crackers, they should at least make people aware and motivate its purchase,\" said Akhil, a resident of Ghumar Mandi.

\"There is nothing exciting in these crackers, just a blast and that\'s it. But Diwali is all about having a blast and being colorful. Fireworks look so beautiful in the sky Why would anyone choose simple smoke free crackers over such vibrant options,\" said Ankush Passi, a resident of Civil Lines.
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