Friday, October 25, 2013

Bigg Boss 7: Gauahar supports Kushal, upset with Tanishaa

New Delhi: After Kushal Tandon crosses the boundary of the house, Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to assemble in the living area. While speaking to the house\'s inmates, Bigg Boss slams both Kushal (for flouting the rules) and Tanisha (for pushing Kushal during the task). Since Bigg Boss doesn\'t take any punitive action against Tanisha, Gauahar accuses the makers of giving Tanisha preferential treatment. Gauahar is later seen leaving the living area crying as she is miffed with Kushal for his act of leaving the house. Kushal tries his best to pacify her, but she refrains from talking to him. Bigg Boss then calls Tanisha and Kushal to the confession room and warns them to maintain decorum in the house.

Bigg Boss contestants, who were expecting Tanisha\'s elimination, were shocked when they are told that Viveik was evicted this week.

While Andy advices Sangram to avoid being aggressive as it can work against him, Gauhar, Kamya and Andy decide not to discuss Tanisha\'s behaviour.

Bigg Boss 7: Gauahar supports Kushal, upset with Tanishaa

Since no punitive action was taken against Tanishaa for misbehaving with Kushal, she earns everybody\'s wrath.

Following Bigg Boss\' decision, the housemates unanimously decide to elect Gauahar as the best performer of the luxury budget task Bigg Box. In the afternoon, Armaan and Pratyusha get into a squabble over household chores. Since Tanisha overhears Kamya and Pratyusha discussing it, she communicates their reactions to Armaan.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to speak their heart out about their experience in the house in the last three days to Heaven. While Armaan aplogises again for his violent behaviour during the luxury budget task, Kamya sobs as she recalls Armaan\'s derogatory remarks.

Since Gauahar was elected as the best performer of Bigg Box, she gets to meet her mother. Since Gauahar gets to see her mother after weeks, it was obvious for her to get emotional. The mother-daughter chat over dinner. After a while, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that their meeting time has come to an end and Gauahar\'s mother needs to leave.

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