Sunday, September 1, 2013

With RSS push will Narendra Modi be declared as BJP\'s PM candidate?

New Delhi: Top RSS leader Bhaiyyaji Joshi met senior BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday night. He also met some other top party leaders. Given the fact that there is a growing clamour amongst certain cadre of BJP to declare Narendra Modi as the prime ministerial candidate and also given the fact that Advani and his camp are reported to be against such a move, the meeting assumes significance.

It has been reported that Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP\'s poll panel chief may be named as the party\'s PM face this month itself. However, Advani and top leaders like Sushma Swaraj are said to be unhappy with such a move. They feel that such a move may polarise the voters and the advantage that the main Opposition has over the Congress, which is facing perception problems regarding scams, corruption and policy paralysis, might be negated.

It is also said that even if Modi is to be named as party\'s face for the next General Elections, Advani and his camp want the announcement to be postponed till the end of the year, when many states are due for Assembly Elections.

After Modi was named as the party\'s election campaign chief, apparently a sulking Advani had quit from all party posts, though later he was pacified by the RSS to take back his resignation. Advani has also time and again made a veiled attack on Modi and once pitted Shivraj Singh Chauhan against him, saying that the Madhya Pradesh CM should be given more credit as an administrator as he had taken a state like Gujarat on the path of development, unlike Gujarat which was already developed.

However, it came as a surprise to many when the senior leader praised Modi recently saying that good work was being done under the leadership of Gujarat CM. It is said that Advani still harbours the ambition to become the PM of India and wants to take one last go at it in 2014. But the RSS has made it clear in the past that it was against projecting Advani as BJP\'s PM candidate. They have also been warming up to Modi.

Meanwhile, Modi is leaving no stones unturned to project himself as BJP\'s strongest contender for the PM post. He is also backed by party president Rajnath Singh who has been regularly been calling him as the country\'s most popular leader.
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