Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rahul Gandhi: Eat full roti, work 100 days & vote Cong

A day after BJP election campaign committee chief Narendra Modi took jibes at prime minister Manmohan Singh and the Gandhi family over corruption and the current economic crisis, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi replied in his own style saying that the opposition could say anything but the fact is that the Congress has always worked for the poor and common man. He also said the opposition thinks that the poor are a burden on the country.

Addressing an adivasi kisan rally in Salumber on Wednesday, Rahul said, "My party has worked for the common man in Delhi and in Rajasthan. Let people say what they want but we have worked for the poor." In an apparent reference to the food security scheme and other pro-poor schemes like the NREGA and free medicines schemes, he said, "Aadhi roti khayenge, Congress laayenge is an old slogan, now we should say poori roti Khayenge, sau din kaam Karenge, dawai khayenge aur Congress ko laayenge."

He came down heavily on the Opposition for attempting to block the Food Security Bill in Parliament. "The opposition tried everything to block it but Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh ensured that this Right to Food Act becomes a reality," he said.

He also targeted the critics of the UPA's pro-poor policies. Rahul said, "In rooms in Delhi people say poor are a burden and country can't rise with them."

Replying to them, he said, "We think this country has been made by the sweat and blood of these poor people." If we do not think of their benefit and do not empower them, there is no point in being in politics, he added.
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