Friday, September 20, 2013

Possible meet between Obama and Rouhani in US

Washington, Fri Sep 20 2013,

In a rare move that might end the chronic impasse between arch-enemies the US and Iran, President Barack Obama could meet his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

\"I would just say that in general, it\'s possible. But it has always been possible. The extended hand has been there from the moment the President was sworn into office,\" White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters at Washington.

However, when asked directly if there would be a meeting in New York next week, Carney said, \"there are currently no plans for the President Obama to meet with President Rouhani.\"

\"It\'s fair to say that the President believes there is an opportunity for diplomacy when it comes to the issues that have presented challenges to the United States and our allies with regards to Iran, and we hope that the Iranian government takes advantage of this opportunity,\" Carney said.

Rouhani, a moderate cleric, will travel to the US to attend the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly wherein he will address the world leaders on the same day as Obama.

Any meeting between President Obama and Rouhani next week would be historic. The two countries have had no diplomatic relations since the 1979 Islamic revolution that overthrew the Western-backed Shah regime after massive countrywide protests.

US Secretary of State John Kerry also welcomed the recent comments made by Rouhani that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons, but deflected questions about a possible meeting between the two presidents.

\"I think Rouhani\'s comments have been very positive, but everything needs to be put to the test,\" Kerry told reporters yesterday.

In an interview to the NBC news channel aired yesterday, Rouhani said: \"under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons\".
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