Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ludhiana: Get your daily does of milk from your nearby ATM!

Sep 14, 2013,

Ludhiana: According to a new innovation by NABHA, you would be able to fulfil your daily requirement of milk from an ATM machine. The customer will be able to collect milk from these specially designed machines that will dispense milk with the help of an ATM card provided by the milk producer.

A single bedding Machine (Milk vending machine) will be able to supply 500 litres of milk to its customer, everyday.

The machine is the idea of Jagmohan Industry\'s Punit Singh Prince. He says that machine will eliminate the middle man (distributor) and hence make milk cheaper and provide better rate of return to the milk producer.

The machine will store the milk at an optimum temperature of 2 to 3 degree Celsius.

The milk ATM has received good response in Ludhiana where it has been introduced for the first time.

A single ATM card will cost Rs. 28. The card will be recharged by milk producer and the customer can recharge the card according to his requirement.

Once the amount in the card is over, the ATM will not dispense the milk.
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