Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hero MotoCorp\'s Haridwar labour pain spreads to Gurgaon

Hero MotoCorp's labour troubles have spread to multiple fronts, with both Gurgaon and Haridwar plants now embroiled in disputes. While protests by workers in Haridwar over the suspension of 16 of their colleagues continued into the 11th day on Monday, the Gurgaon union too has threatened a strike over the suspension of nine of its office bearers over the weekend, if the company does not take them back.

Discussions between the management, workers and district labour department officials at Haridwar are now scheduled for Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, a meeting with the deputy labour commissioner Gurgaon on Monday did not result in any compromise.

While multiple sources close to the development told FE that daily production at the Hero MotoCorp Haridwar plant continues to be lower than capacity by about 50-60%, company officials claimed that output at the plant was "normal".

The Haridwar plant is Hero MotoCorp\'s largest, which at full capacity, makes about 9,000 units a day of popular bike models like the Splendor and Passion. Production at the Gurgaon plant, which makes about 6,000 units a day, was uninterrupted on Monday.

"The company is unwilling to discuss reinstatement of these 16 workers. But we are hoping for a resolution when the management meets local labour authorities on Tuesday. At present, most workers are protesting and are yet to resume work; so, the company is making about 1,500 bikes a day with the few workers who are in inside," a protesting worker at the Haridwar facility said.

A Hero MotoCorp union member added: "Nine of us have been suspended because we protested after the company did not increase our wages by 20% in the first year as promised under the wage agreement signed in April. We will go on strike if the matter is not resolved soon, but are hoping for a conciliation."

Responding to emailed queries, a Hero MotoCorp spokesperson said: "At the time of entering into an agreement for wage enhancement, union representatives at our Gurgaon plant had promised to ensure that all workmen put in honest work. However, some workmen have continuously refused to fulfill their side
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