Saturday, September 14, 2013

Film Review: Go for Grand Masti if you are in the mood for some cheap jokes

What it\'s about: Sex comedies are not new to Hindi films. Dada Kondke made them successfully for years. They are aimed at a certain audience. This one begins in college and that\'s apt because it is the kind of film that will be enjoyed most by teenagers. Unfortunately it is an adult film. I watched the 9.25am show with a theatre full of college kids who\'d obviously bunked classes to be there, and they roared throughout the film. Grand Masti is about the sexploits of three married men who return for a college reunion. The core plot is about three married men, who are hellbent about getting some action away from home.

What\'s good: It\'s not American Pie. And it doesn\'t aspire to be. The writer (Milap Zaveri) knows who he has written the film for. And that audience will enjoy it. It is not for people who have been brought up on American sex comedies. I will admit I laughed a few times. It is like a smutty sitcom, feel to it and you have to watch it with that mindset. The makers have made it clear what to expect in the promos (a woman with a big bust talking about showing a guy her two milk factories in the night should have been your cue).

Among the three leading men, Riteish Deshmukh is unarguably the funniest. He seems completely at ease and unapologetic about his role. Vivek (with the crow pecking scene) and Aftab (an accident with a cat name Pussy) have their moments, the best one being where they have to kiss each other. Suresh Menon with his golden crotch provides some laughs.

What\'s not: This film is not for you if you don\'t like your humour obvious and crude. My problem with Grand Masti is that it is not funny enough. I am not even going to discuss the sex part of this sex comedy. It could have been more vulgar, lewd and raunchy and that would have been okay as long as it was hilarious. But this is for the audience who giggles when he hears A for Ar** and B for B**bs guy and sees a matching visual. Yes, it objectifies women and you will cringe in parts (especially if you are female) but you know this isn\'t Mahabharat you have come to watch. It is not very imaginative and I won\'t even talk about the tacky crow.

What to do: If you are in the mood for some cheap jokes, (and I don\'t mean that in a demeaning way) go for it.

You will like this movie if you liked Masti, Kya Super Kool Hain Hum and Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein.
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