Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reserve Bank committed to control inflation, says Subbarao

New Delhi:17 Aug 2013

\"The Reserve Bank\'s monetary policy aims at three objectives - price stability, growth and financial stability. To contend that the Reserve Bank is obsessed with inflation, oblivious to growth concerns, I think, is both inaccurate and unfair,\" Subbarao said.

\"The Reserve Bank is committed to inflation control, not because it does not care for growth, but because it does care for growth,\" he added.

Subbarao\'s comments came in the backdrop of growing pressure on the RBI from India Inc as well as from a section of the government to cut policy rates to help revive economic growth that has slumped to a decade low.

The governor said the debate over the trade-off between growth and inflation was a result of \"oversimplifications\" of the central bank\'s role.

\"This debate has been clouded by some oversimplifications. One such oversimplification is to say that governments are for growth and central banks are for price stability. Another oversimplification is to assert that there is a tension between growth and inflation, and that one necessarily has to play the trade-off between growth and inflation in policy making,\" he said.

Subbarao was speaking at a function at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh\'s official Race Course Road residence organised to release of \"Reserve Bank of India\'s History Volume IV\".
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