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Providing useful tips for the horticultural operations in August, the farm experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advised the farmers of the Punjab that the weather in this month is the most suitable for the establishment and growth of evergreen fruit plants like citrus, mango, guava, aonla, litchi, loquat, and sapota. The experts suggested that the short statured leguminous crops such as moong, mash, guara and beans may be intercropped on vacant land in the young orchards.

Elaborating, the experts emphasized on adopting prompt measures to drain out excess rainwater from the orchards. In case of root damage due to water stagnation in pear, peach, etc., apply 10 g Bavistin 50 WP+ 5g Vitavax 75WP in 10 litres of water along the trunk after draining out the excess water and drying of soil. Prune the dried ends of the branches alongwith 5-8 cm of the live wood, they told. "To check weeds in ber orchard, spray 1.2 kg Hexuron 80 WP (Diuron) per acre during first fortnight of August or 1.2 litres Gramoxone (Paraquat) during second fortnight of August when the weeds are growing actively. Dissolve the herbicide in 200 litres of water per acre," they said.

Furthermore, to control zinc deficiency, the experts advised to spray the affected citrus trees with 0.3 per cent zinc sulphate without addition of lime to late summer flush. "In citrus, spray 1250 ml Rogor 30EC or 200 ml Crocodile 17.8 SL in 500 litres of water for the control of insect-pests. Spray Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) or 50 per cent Copper Oxychloride (0.3%) for the control of citrus diseases. To control foot rot of citrus, drench the affected plants with 25 g Ridomil Gold or Matco 8-64 in 10 litres of water per tree," they told.

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