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The Floriculture and Landscaping experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advised the residents and the farmers that the regular weeding of roses should be done and the suckers should be removed in the month of August. Majority of the shrubs can be propagated from hardwood cuttings during this month, they said.

Suggesting that grass can be planted in August, the experts said that the established lawns should be frequently mowed for carpet like effect, as there will be more growth of the grass. Furthermore, the farm experts told that the plantation of ornamental trees, because of rains shrubs and creepers, can be continued in this month due to less mortality. The growing tips of young bougainvillea plants in pots should be pinched for desired shape and size, they emphasized. Referring to pot plants, the experts advised that their rooted cuttings or emerging suckers should be planted in the pots. Overgrown pot plants may be pruned for proper shape of the plant, they said, while adding that the propagation of pot plants can also be done during this month.

About Chrysanthemum, the experts suggested that the rooted cuttings planted in pots during last month should be trained according to their types viz. standard and spray type. In the large flowered 'standard' type varieties, the plants are pinched if more than one branch is desired i.e. 2 to 3 main branches, they told. Advising that the small flowered 'spray' type varieties should be pinched by removing terminal buds when the plant height is 8-10 cm, the experts said that this helps in emergence of secondary branches to have large number of flowers of uniform size. Again the growth of secondary branches is stopped by pinching their tips and so on, until desirable shape and size of plant is achieved, they added.
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