Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pakistan admits to Dawood Ibrahim\'s stay in the country

London: Aug 10, 2013(7STARNEWS)Pakistan has admitted for the first time to the stay of one of India\'s most wanted terrorists Dawood Ibrahim in the country. The significant statement came from the Pakistan Prime Minister\'s special envoy for improving relations with India, Shahryar Khan. He said that the underworld don had been in Pakistan but has been chased out and is now in the UAE. But Indian intelligence sources said Dawood\'s house in Karachi continues to be guarded by Sindh police and he travels out of Pakistan regularly for business.

Shahryar Khan added that if Dawood was in Pakistan right now he would be arrested. \"Dawood was in Pakistan but I believe he was chased out of Pakistan. If he is in Pakistan, he should be arrested. We cannot allow such gangsters to operate from the country,\" he said at a pre-launch event organised by the Indian Journalists\' Association for his latest book \'Cricket Cauldron: The Turbulent Politics of Sport in Pakistan\'.

\"I think he is in the UAE. The Nawaz Sharif government is very much in favour of taking action against criminals who not only affect Pakistan but also any other countries, whether it is India or Afghanistan or wherever. We cannot allow criminals to flourish in the country. If they come to us, we will take action. That is why I think he (Dawood) has left Pakistan,\" Khan added.

The former Pakistani foreign secretary also reiterated the newly-elected Pakistan government\'s commitment to hold talks with moderate elements of the Taliban. \"Pakistan has been in favour of discussions with the Taliban of the more moderate ilk. But a large number are not moderate. There are those operating in Pakistan who are not moderate. However, Pakistan remains inclined to talk to the reasonable ones,\" he said.

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