Saturday, August 3, 2013

Modi lovers should go to Gujarat, says Cong minister\'s son

Mumbai August 3, 2013(7STARNEWS)Under fire over his remarks about Gujaratis living in Mumbai, Swabhimaan Sanghatana chief Nitesh Rane today said his statement was not against all Gujaratis, but directed at only those amongst them who felt that Gujarat under Narendra Modi was doing better than Maharashtra.

Nitesh, son of senior Congress leader Narayan Rane, said his comments were aimed at those who favoured the Gujarat Chief Minister\'s development model.

\"I only said that those who feel Modi is doing a good job can move there,\" he told reporters.

\"My remarks were not aimed at all Gujaratis but only at those who feel there is more development in Gujarat,\" he said.

\"I have taken a political stance... I have stated clearly that people living in Mumbai who feel that Gujarat is developing more than us (Maharashtra), or those who feel Modi is developing Gujarat more than us, why don\'t they go there,\" Nitesh said.

\"I didn\'t say all Gujaratis are like that. I didn\'t say we will drive (Gujaratis) out (of Mumbai),\" he said.

As to his tweet about Gujarati housing societies favouring vegetarian residents, he said, \"I said there are many housing societies in Mumbai which don\'t allow non-vegetarian (people).\"

\"Veg skies, Veg hospitals, Veg housing societies. Soon Veg Mumbai! Either Gujjus go back to Gujarat or they turn Mumbai into Gujarat... Red alert,\" Nitesh had earlier said in his controversial tweeted.

Asked if the remarks had been made by him as a Congress leader, Nitesh said, \"I said this as a son of the soil of Maharashtra.
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