Saturday, August 24, 2013

362 Indian prisoners repatriated from Pakistan

362 Indian prisoners repatriated from Pakistan


ATTARI: In a possible bid to improve relations with India, Pakistan\'s Nawaz Sharif government on Saturday repatriated 362 Indian prisoners including eight children (all fishermen) from Attari border on completion of their jail sentences. As earlier reported to Indian authorities, a total of 365 Indian prisoners were to be repatriated by Pakistan. According to fishermen who arrived here, name of a 17-year-old prisoner from UP, Manoj Kumar, was deleted at the last moment by the Pakistan government and prisoner Raju died due to illness. Executive magistrate P P S Goraya, who received the prisoners, said that as against an earlier information of arrival of 365 Indian prisoners from Pakistan, a total of 362 arrived.

Fisherman Shabbir from Gujarat told TOI that he spent nine months in jail, though innocent. \"We were arrested by Pakistan\'s speedboat while we were in our own territory. This was clear injustice,\" he said. About his experience in Pakistan jail, he said that prisoners were denied proper medication. \"Itching and skin diseases were common behind bars but the treatment involved same medication for all type of ailments,\" he said. Hanif, 16, from Gujarat said: \"My pal Manoj Kumar\'s name was deleted from the list. He cried and asked me to let his family know of his wellbeing back in jail.\" He said that children like him went to sea to learn tricks of the trade, but were often arrested.
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