Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today Punjab State Power Corporation Limited

Ludhiana- 13.07.2013

Today Punjab State Power Corporation Limited issued cir no-15/2013 dated 13.07.2013 w.e.f. from 14.07.2013.

1. Three Weekly off Day (72hrs) on General Industry (LS) Consumers and Rolling mills (including mix load) consumers being fed from Cat-2 feeders. Timings of weekly off day for General industry will be from 0800 hrs to 0800 Hrs of fourth day.

2. Four Weekly off Day (96HRS) on Arc/Induction furnaces consumers fed from Cat-2 and Cat-3 feeders. Timings will be from end of Peak Load Restrictions hours of previous day to end of Peak Load Restrictions hours of Fifth day.

It is utter surprise that the Government has been claiming the unprecedented increased in the water level of Bhakra Dam and Pong Dam and other dams in Punjab producing electricity. The inflows of the water in the reservoir are posing threat of floods in the State, in case of discharge of extra water from the reservoirs.

But the above circular has left the industry in the state of shock by imposing three and four days cuts. This will hamper the production and the industry will face huge loss due to these cuts further peak load hours restrictions are also imposed, which leaves the industry in no position to survive. This situation will create an increase in Input cost and decrease in output cost & in turns will add losses to the Industry.

As industry is already facing recession and shortage of labour, this will further create ciaos as industry can't full fill the orders in hand on time.

Industry is already paying ACD (Advance Consume Deposited) imposed by PSPCL, when there is no power how can department asked for ACD. Meter Rent and Octori charges should not be levied for the period when power is not supplied.

It is shocking that whole burden is put on the industry , Big Malls should curtail the Power Consumptions or cuts should be levied on these Big Malls and the Power should be supplied to the Industries which give employment to huge numbers of labour.

United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association strongly condemned these cuts and requests the government to intervene and relive the industry from these cuts.

In the meeting following members were present: Sh. Gurmeet Singh Kular, President, Sh. Inderjit Singh Navyug, Sr. Vice President, Sh. Harjit Singh Sondh, Vice President, Sh. Manjinder Singh Sachdeva General Secretary, Sh. Pardeep Wadhawan Secretary , Sh. Baljit Singh Lotey joint Secretary and Sh. Rajeev Jain.

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