Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pop star Lady Gaga to launch \'Artpop\' in November

Los Angeles: 14 Jul 2013

Pop star Lady Gaga will reportedly launch her new album \"Artpop\" on November 11. The 27-year-old is also planning to launch an innovative application on the same day. The application is built by TechHaus, the technology-focused branch of Gaga\'s creative team, reports a website.

Gaga hopes the application will enable her to share the \"adrenaline of fame\" with thousands of her fans, and so, she wants to create a \"new age\" in the music industry where \"art drives pop\".

A post on her Facebook page reads, \"Exploring Gaga\'s existence as a cultural interface, the user will share in the \'adrenaline of fame\' as they build and share their own projects, chat with one another and watch in real-time on a virtual globe as \'Artpop\' explodes into the physical and virtual universe at once on November 11, our \'Big Bang\'.

\"On this day the Haus of Gaga venges with forte to bring the music industry into a new age; an age where art drives pop and the artist once again is in control of the icon.\"

Meanwhile, Gaga is releasing her new single, which is yet to be named, on August 19.
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