Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Embattled Mohammed Morsi rejects army\'s 48-hour ultimatum

Cairo:02 Jul 2013

Embattled Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Tuesday rejected the army\'s 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the country\'s deadly crisis, saying he would pursue his own plans for national reconciliation.

\"The civil democratic Egyptian state is one of the most important achievements of the January 25 revolution,\" said a statement from the presidency, referring to the 2011 pro- democracy protests that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak. \"Egypt will absolutely not permit any step backward whatever the circumstances,\" it added.

The powerful army had on Monday warned that it will intervene if people\'s demands were not met within 48 hours after millions took to the streets asking President Morsi to quit. \"If the demands of the people are not met in this period... (the armed forces) will announce a future roadmap and measures to oversee its implementation,\" said the army statement.
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