Thursday, July 18, 2013

A delegation of United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association

Ludhiana -19/07/2013

A delegation of United Cycle & Parts Manufacturers Association had a meeting with Sh. Avinash Joshi, Director Ministry of Commerce and Sh. Darshan Singh, Joint Director of Foreign Trade under the leadership of S. Gurmeet Singh Kular, President to discuss regarding the problems faced by the exporters in Free Trade Agreement (FTA). In this connection a memorandum by the UCPMA was also submitted.

In which it was made know that the Cycle Industry is the India's Largest one but due to some foreign exchange restrictions we are unable to export the Cycle directly to neighbourer country like Pakistan etc, being this item has been included in negative list of Free Trade Agreement. They import these items through the mediator countries; with the result the cycle is sold their above Rs. 5000.

Free trade agreement playing an impartment role in developing our foreign trade with the neighboring countries, ensuring our exporters, compete at more advantageous are at least equal circumstances with other countries exporters i.e. why it is rightly said " Foreign Trade is an engine of the economic growth of a Country".

We have requested that the complete bicycle should be included in the Positive List instead of negative one (at present) so that the industry of country may be able to compete with the neighbouring countries like China , Taiwan etc and in doing so the industry will not only be beneficial but also earn foreign exchange for the country.

In the meeting the following members were present: Sh. Sanjeev Pahwa MD of M/s. Ralson (India) Ltd and Sh. Rajeev Jain of M/s. R & R Bikes.

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