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In view of sweltering heat and on-going summer vacations for the children in June, the home science experts of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have emphasized on ensuring adequate intake of fluid and on paying heed to the daily activities of the children. Besides, they have impressed upon the residents to take care of clothes and home cleaning.

Referring to proper diet and health care, Dr Kiran Grover stressed on remaining well-hydrated during the hot dry days of summer. "This can be met by drinking plain water or by having any seasonal fruit based drinks made at home," she said, while impressing on drinking, at least, 8-10 glasses of water a day. Observing that squashes (mango, lemon, litchi, plum, pineapple, etc.) and sharbats (sandal, brahmi, rose, etc.), prepared at home, are relished by everyone, she told that the traditional drinks such as lassi, coconut water, thandai, and sikanjvi also enhance health and vitality. The intake of flavoured milk among children can be increased with the making of mango shake, banana shake or flavoured milk, she added.

To protect the children from scorching heat, Dr Sukhminder Kaur advised the parents to involve them in small household activities and in indoor games during holidays. She suggested, "As many institutions/organizations hold summer vacation courses like cookery, art, painting, creative activities, music, dance, etc ., give the children an opportunity to attend these courses." She called upon the parents to make the children start their homework in beginning of the vacations so that they are able to finish their work in time. "Do not allow the children to waste their valuable time in watching TV, playing computer games or sitting idle," she emphasized.

About selection and care of clothes, Dr Harinder Saggu pointed out that with the mercury gradually soaring, many people face skin problems. Wear light coloured and loosed cotton clothes, and cover yourself before going out, she advised, while impressing on taking extra care of white or light coloured clothes. "As soon as you find stain on the garments, put some talcum powder and then dab it with white tissues. Do not use water as this will make the stain permanent. Do not spray perfume directly on the garments and avoid using a very hot iron on them," she told.

Laying thrust on home cleaning, Dr Surinderjit Kaur suggested, "Clean brass and copper decoration pieces with salt and lemon juice/vinegar, wipe with wet cloth, sun dry, wrap in soft dry cloth or newspaper and store these articles as these get blackened during rainy season." Asking to oil door hinges to avoid creaking sound due to rusting, she advised to pour liberal amount of hot water with kerosene oil down sinks and drains to avoid breeding of cockroaches. She further told to replace thick carpet by small rugs and light durries to give refreshing look to the floor.

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